Giving FAQ

On behalf of all the leaders worldwide whose lives and ministries will be transformed through your generosity and prayer, thank you for your commitment to servant leadership alongside of DAI (Development Associates International).

There are many ways you can donate to the ministries of DAI (check, credit card, electronic funds transfer, IRA distribution, or stock transfer). Below are some of the most common questions and answers about giving to DAI. If you have more questions, please contact us at +1.719.598.7970 or by email at our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can I donate online?

Click here to go straight to our SSL secured eCommerce page. Electronic checks, as well as, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards are all accepted.

+ How can I donate by phone?

Call us at +1.719.598.7970 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mountain Time) to make a credit card or Electronic Fund Transfer donation by phone.

+ How can I donate by mail?

Use the US Mail-in Donation Form to send either a check, credit card or electronic fund transfer donation to the following address:

Development Associates International
13710 Struthers Road, Ste 120
Colorado Springs, CO 80921 USA

Make checks payable to DAI.

+ How do I update my monthly donation?

There are three ways to conveniently update your monthly donation information.

  • Give us a call +1.719.598.7970 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mountain Time).
  • Fill out the US Mail in Donation form and mail it to DAI:
    Development Associates International
    13710 Struthers Road, Ste 120
    Colorado Springs, CO 80921 USA
  • Set-up a new monthly donation online and use the comment section to let us know that you are updating your giving information. When we see that comment we will stop the previous monthly donation.

NOTE: setting-up a monthly donation online will charge your card or debit your bank account on that day and then that same day every month.

+ What is an Employer Matching Gift?

Doubling your impact with an employer matching gift is simple. Many companies match charitable contributions made by employees, board members or retirees. To see if your gift qualifies:

SEARCH for your company using our MatchFinder tool located here.

REVIEW the specific instructions listed for your employer.

FILL OUT and submit any required form following company guidelines.

Contact us with questions. +1.719.598.7970.

+ How can I donate IRA Funds, Stock or Securities?

For more information about transferring IRA funds, or a gift of stock or securities, contact Cheri Matas, Chief Financial Officer, +1.719.355.3373 or by email.

+ I am a UK tax payer, how may I donate?

DAI UK is a Registered Charity in the UK (No 1115741). If you are a UK tax payer and would like to give to DAI through our DAI UK office, please visit their web-site for ways to give:

+ I am a Canadian tax payer, how may I donate?

DAI Leadership Ministries is a federal not-for-profit corporation in Canada.  Through a partnership with The Great Commission Foundation (TGCF), Canadian residents can receive a tax-deductible receipt for gifts over CAN$50. To give:

  • Click on this TGCF donation link.
  • Under Designation select “DAI Leadership Ministries” in the drop down menu. Only donations with this designation will be given to DAI.
  • To further designate your gift to a specific project, please use the Comments box.
  • Complete the additional information.

Your tax-deductible receipt will be emailed to you by The Great Commission Foundation.

If you would like to have your gifts automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit card, send an email to Karl Mueller for more information.

+ Will I get a receipt?

Yes. Development Associates International is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that issues receipts suitable for your tax purposes.

+ Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes. DAI is a 501c3 non-profit corporation, therefore all donations to Development Associates International are tax deductible. For your tax-filing purposes, DAI’s EIN is 23-2838716.

+ How is DAI funded?

DAI is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from friends, foundations, churches and corporations who want to partner with DAI to advance the servant leadership model of Jesus Christ.

+ How are donations used?

Donations are used to pay for the ministry activities of the organization according to the budget approved by the Board of Directors and designed to help DAI fulfill its mission. Any donation to DAI designated for the ministry of specific individuals or project is honored as long as it falls within the board approved budget.

+ What financial accountability do you have?

The Development Associates International staff manage the work of DAI, but an independent Board of Directors oversees it. That board annually hires an independent auditor to do a complete financial audit. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public’s trust, certified DAI due to adherence to ECFA’s Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship, indicating that we excel in effectively and ethically managing our finances.

+ What is DAI's Privacy Policy?

DAI makes every effort to preserve donor privacy. When you make a donation to DAI, we gain access to personal information about you. This usually includes name, address, phone, email address and your checking and credit card information. We will not share, disclose, rent, or sell this information to another organization, unless it is required by law for us to do so. We will, however, add you to the DAI mailing list and send you updates about our ministry. If you chose to donate anonymously, DAI will not share any of your information with anyone outside of our organization. If you wish to view, amend or remove any information we have on record for you, contact us at +1.719.598.7970 or by email at our contact page.

+ What is the Mission and Vision of DAI?

Development Associates International enhances the integrity and effectiveness of Christian leaders worldwide, so that the Church can fulfill its role in extending the Kingdom of God. We are committed to effectiveness, integrity, humility, partnering, mentoring, holism, biblical standards, and reaching those with the least access. This is done through four areas of ministry: educating, consulting, mentoring and connecting.