Who We Are

56171239134056Who-We-Are1.jpgDevelopment Associates International (DAI) is passionate about providing opportunities for the Holy Spirit to grow leaders. Since 1996, DAI has been listening to the local leaders of the Church share about what they need. In response, we create, use, and distribute interactive educational tools to help those leaders grow in their integrity and effectiveness. The ultimate goal is to see a stronger local church emerge that can deeply impact its community.

DAI has become an effective agent in leadership development through a unique set of strengths:

  • Key indigenous leaders serving as our staff and associates
  • Interactive methodology that brings change and then multiplies
  • Culturally-relevant curriculum that addresses the real needs 
  • Innovative programs that respond to what the leaders tell us they want
  • Strategic partnerships enabling greater ministry around the world

In 1990, distinguished professors Dr. James Engel and Dr. David Fraser dared to believe that they could make a difference in the lives and ministries of key leaders in the Majority world by founding The Center for Organizational Excellence at Eastern College. Their dream was to grow Christ-like leaders for the Church so that it could become all that God intended.

Today that dream has grown into an organization called Development Associates International (DAI) serving leaders throughout the majority world who have the least access to spiritual, human and material resources. DAI provides education, develops mentors, does consulting and facilitates integrated development projects in order to bring change—change in the effectiveness and integrity of Christian leaders and their ministries.

By equipping Christian leaders, DAI is making an impact for Christ's kingdom around the world. Find out more about our Ministry Centers or make an impact in a leader's life today.