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A Lesson in Every Experience – MAOL Testimony

A Lesson in Every Experience Michael Gowon, an MAOL (Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership) student, shares how DAI’s courses have taught him to be a servant leader rather than a boss, whether in the office or in church. He is currently the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics (DPRS) of the Plateau State Universal …

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young professionals

Reaching Young Professionals will Help Influence Churches, Workplaces and Families

DAI Marketplace Ministry Coordinator, Yawng Ku, shares why the team is focused on equipping young professionals with much-needed leadership training and spiritual mentoring. Myanmar has a significantly large youth population, with 55% under the age of 30. As the country grows both economically and spiritually, many of the young people are finding they do not …

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Myanmar MAOL Students

Courses Inspire MAOL Student to Take a New Approach to Leadership at Myanmar School

Sandar is the Centre Manager at Myanmar Vision Education Centre, where she fulfills her passion to mentor young teachers and provide a good education for the children of Myanmar. “The Servant Leadership course gave me all the things I needed to help me lead at this fast-growing centre. It has also given me the understanding …

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Christian Leaders Have an Unprecedented Opportunity to Impact Myanmar

DAI Ministry Center Director, Go Chin Zam, explains why Myanmar leaders need your support Myanmar held elections in 2015 and emerged from 50+ years of military rule. The isolationist policies and economic mismanagement of previous governments left the country with poor infrastructure, endemic corruption, underdeveloped human resources, and inadequate access to capital. These challenges facing …

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MAOL Graduate Bridges Cultural Divides to Impact Future Generations

DAI’s Culture, Ethnicity & Diversity course helps to build understanding and cooperation across cultural boundaries. Michael, a 2017 DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) graduate shares, “The MAOL has been very good for my life because it has really broadened my worldview of leadership.” Michael is currently a pastor ministering to a village …

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2018 Film Contest Winner

DAI Announces 2018 Film Contest Winner

Toshi Jamang of Denver Seminary Wins One-Week Filmmaking Assignment to Cameroon, Africa The winner of DAI’s 2nd Annual University Student Filmmaking Contest will travel to Africa this June to document how the non-profit is working to bring a generational change in leadership to the region. Colorado Springs, Colorado, Aprils 23, 2018 – DAI (Development Associates …

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Christian Leader Kenya

A Voice for the Voiceless – Christian Leader in Kenya

Daniel – a Young Leader with Big Dreams for Kenya! Daniel Wambete dreams of “adding his voice for the voiceless in the ears of those who make policies affecting communities.” Right now, Daniel lives this out by advocating for the persecuted Church. DAI’s MA in Organization Leadership (MAOL) course on Strategic Management energized him and …

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spiritual formation

DAI Spiritual Formation Course Impacts Christian Life

Aruna’s Reflections on the DAI Spiritual Formation Course Aruna, an MAOL student in South India, has really captured DAI’s vision for spiritual formation in her 5th assignment summary of what she learned through the course. Aruna, pictured right with husband and fellow MAOL student Rajendra, writes: “There is always a goal for the Christian life. …

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Servant leadership course Togo

Servant Leadership Course Leads to Change and Impacts Togo School

Servant Leadership Course Brings Change that Results in Togo School A Leader’s Self-Awareness Brings Change that Impacts 320 Students “Our church had launched the creation of a private school, but then abruptly our funding ended after the first year of primary school. That was 2012. “In my heart, I thought I should leave. I left …

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DAI Impact Study

Servant Leadership Impact Study Testimonial

  Servant Leadership Course Helps Teacher Discover Student’s Potential Agnes, from Uganda, shared this story with researchers during the 2017 Impact Study. “While teaching at a primary school, there was a dull, quiet, withdrawn and disinterested pupil. One outgoing teacher told me not to bother with this pupil because all his efforts to help him were in …

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DAI Non-Formal Impact Study

DAI Non-Formal Impact Study Third-Party Study Shows That Workshops Work What impact does the Servant Leadership course have on the participants? DAI partnered with Concentric Development, Inc. to evaluate the effectiveness of DAI’s Non-Formal Program. Researchers compiled information from 250 Servant Leadership workshop participants from Togo, Uganda and India, using interviews, focus groups, story collection …

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Annual Report

2017 Year in Review

Our Most Impactful Year Ever Looking back on 2017, there were many vivid reminders of how God is working through DAI to bring change to leaders, communities and nations. One of the highlights was the affirmation from a third-party research group that our Servant Leadership workshops continue to have a significant impact on the lives …

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filmmaking tips

Filmmaking Tips from Henry Ortlip

  A Few Basic Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers KEEP THE CAMERA FROM SHAKING. Use a tripod or monopod for stable shots. If you shoot handheld, make sure your lens has image stabilization to help keep the footage stable. LIGHT FROM BEHIND. When conducting interviews make sure the best source of light comes from behind the …

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Servant Leadership Seminar

Servant Leadership Conference: Kansas City

  Effective Servant Leadership Seminar February 10, 2018 TIME 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (Lunch provided) TOPICS Worldview, Culture and Leadership Discovering your leadership style How others see your strengths and weaknesses How to value and understand each other LOCATION 5041 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102 Zotung Christian Church Karl Mueller is a Senior …

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Servant leadership conference

Effective Servant Leadership Conference January 20, 2018

Effective Servant Leadership Conference A partnership of International Theological Seminary and DAI For Christian Leaders Serving Immigrant & Multi-Ethnic Churches and Ministries January 20, 2018   8:30AM – 4:00 PM Session 1:  Worldview, Culture and Leadership Session 2: Kingdom Principles of Leadership Session 3: Leading from Below: Influence, Power and the Servant Leader Session 4: Multiplying …

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Celebrating Diversity

Learning to Celebrate Diversity

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY Dr. Nasike, Medical Doctor, Uganda “Choosing to do the MAOL instead of a surgical residency was a bizarre decision according to most people, but it is one of the best (and hardest) decisions I made. This program has helped me develop so much, not just as a leader, but as a person. Through …

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leaders transform nation

Nepal Student is Prepared to Shine in Nation’s Darkest Hour

PREPARED TO SHINE IN THE NATION’S DARKEST HOUR Jay, Orphanage Director, Nepal “I believe the courses that DAI offers in the MAOL really played a big role in preparing me for the ministry God is allowing me to be a part at this moment,” shares Jay who heard about DAI’s MAOL program in 2012. A …

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Women & Men Leading Together

MAOL Teachings Completely Change Family Life

MY FAMILY LIFE TOTALLY CHANGED Tajammul, Engineer, Pakistan In a recent reflection, Tajammul, shared how God used the MAOL to shake up and heal his marriage, “I was leading a family life with conflicts with my wife every other month and we were not a happy couple at all. Sometimes we love each other so …

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Development & Social Change

We Have Electricity!

  WE HAVE ELECTRICITY! Noel, Pastor, India After finishing the Development and Social Change course, Pastor Noel understood the importance for Christians to share the gospel in both word and deed. He surveyed his community and discovered that securing electricity for his village was the best tangible gift he could give. “As a Pastor, I was challenged …

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advent devotional

Awaiting the Unshakable Kingdom

  AWAITING THE UNSHAKABLE KINGDOM by Rebecca Hauser, Development Officer The DAI Colorado Springs office recently reflected on Advent (remembering the first coming of Jesus and awaiting the second) with the help of Advent for Everyone by NT Wright. The first coming of Jesus shook the foundations of the world, challenged the Israelites’ perceptions of …

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New Year's Resolution

A New Year’s Resolution

A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION by Rebecca Hauser, Development Officer The closing of one year and beginning of the next is an opportune time to check our hearts and ask ourselves: “Am I living an integritous life? Do my actions line up with my passions and purpose in life?” For example, as a Millennial, I may care deeply …

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Toronto Course: Strategic Management from Biblical Perspective

Strategic Management Course Facilitators: Karl Mueller, Suzie Said, Albert Anderman, Lorinda Lee As part of TIM Centre’s  partnership with Development Associates International and Tyndale Leadership Centre, Strategic Management is Course 2 of 4 in the Certificate of Ministry and Organizational Leadership. This course is based on the belief that the foundation of Strategic Thinking and Management is the relationship between …

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DAI Film Contest Henry Ortlip

DAI Announces 2018 Film Contest

 Calling University Filmmakers to Apply for a One-Week Filmmaking Assignment to Africa The winner of DAI’s 2nd Annual University Filmmaking Contest will travel with DAI to an African country in the summer of 2018 to document how DAI is making an impact on leaders and communities there.   For Immediate Release Contact: Helen McAllister, Director, …

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Multiplying Effect servant leadership

The Multiplying Effect of One MAOL Graduate in Nepal

  The Multiplying Effect of One MAOL Graduate in Nepal Romi Tandukar, MAOL Graduate, Hopes Others See Jesus in Her Narayan Khadka, DAI Nepal National Director, says, “The church in Nepal is young but the growth rate is quite high. We believe the young leaders will bring great impact. It has been exciting to see …

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Global Citizen

How to Live as a Global Citizen Without Leaving the Country

by Paul Borthwick, DAI Senior Consultant, Author and Speaker As followers of Jesus Christ, we know that we’re supposed to be interested in the world beyond ourselves. But the world is vast (well over 7 billion souls), and the needs are immense.  How can we stay current with the world we live in and God’s …

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leadership amazon jungle

DAI Reaching the Jungle Tribes of Peru

Servant Leadership Training in Remote Villages of the Amazon Jungle To get to the village of Samaria, one must travel an hour by air from Lima, Peru to Pucallpa and then travel eighteen hours by boat upriver. This is the trip DAI staff have made many times this past year, in an effort to take …

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Flavor enhancing Christian

Are You A Flavor-Enhancing Christian?

By Paul Borthwick When Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13), what does this analogy mean? Some see salt as a preservative; therefore, God’s people serve to retard evil and preserve good in the world.  Others point out that salt was used as an expression of purity, the glistening clarity making …

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Jairus Mutebe

The Role of a Father

By Jairus Mutebe, Presented at Deliverance Church Makerere Hill, Kampala Uganda We are a country in need of fathers.   Families, and specifically fathers, play a formative role in shaping our childhood and our future. As part of the research done in 2007 among Deliverance Church youth, the following was observed. When asking youth, what …

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christian leadership development

DAI Courses Changing Lives in Sri Lanka

DAI Fundraising Course Helps Christian Leader in Sri Lanka to Improve the Lives of 60 Children Noel is helping to provide destitute children in Maskeliya with proper nutrition and the materials necessary to attend school. The climate, geography and geology of the Sri Lankan Highlands is ideal for tea cultivation but it is very labor intensive. As a …

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courses in leadership and management

DAI Leadership and Management Courses

  Whether in DAI’s multi-session workshops, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Program (MAOL) or our online learning (, we strive to develop leaders through education that combines biblical principles and knowledge along with practical application. We have designed the courses below to teach a leadership style modeled after Jesus Christ, encouraging leaders to serve …

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leadership development tools

Spiritual Growth in Central Asia

  Working with younger leaders is a primary strategy for DAI throughout Central Asia, as they are hungry for teaching, mentoring and support.   DAI’s Spiritual Formation course opens the door for Christian leaders in Central Asia to discover how to trust God. A DAI staff member shares, “People are used to seminars, and quickly …

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christian leadership training programs

Letter from Jane Overstreet, President/CEO

  DEAR FRIENDS, ‘Transformation’ is a word that is so overused today that it has almost lost its meaning. Nonetheless, it is the one word leaders consistently use when they share their experiences with DAI’s programs. What makes our programs transformational? A key element is the curriculum! DAI offers eighteen courses that focus on specific …

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Engaging the Global Village of Faiths

by Paul Borthwick, DAI Senior Consultant, Author and Speaker Having just returned from DAI course facilitation in Kathmandu, Nepal, I’m thinking a lot about the need for Christians to know how to engage in conversation with people of other faiths.  Nepal (formerly called the “Hindu Kingdom of Nepal”) is full of images, temples, altars, and …

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University Student Filmmaking Contest

2017 University Student Film Contest Winner is Ben Root of UT Austin

The Winner of DAI’s 1st Annual University Student Filmmaking Contest is UT Austin Film and Media Student DAI announced that Ben Root, of Austin, Texas, is the winner of their 1st annual University Student Filmmaking Contest, in which students were tasked to bring an inspirational leadership story to life in three minutes or less while demonstrating strong interviewing and …

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Prayer Updates and Praises

Update on Strike in Cameroon Emeline Nde, DAI’s Ministry Center Director in Cameroon (pictured right), has provided this update on the situation in Cameroon: “The violence in the English speaking part of Cameroon has reduced and we have not heard of any more deaths; we truly bless the Lord for that. However, the issues that led …

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DAI & Tyndale Seminary Partner to Offer Certificate In Ministry

  Tyndale Intercultural Ministry (TIM) Centre, in partnership with DAI and Tyndale Leadership Centre, is offering a Certificate in Ministry and Organizational Leadership (CMOL) starting September 2017.  Registration deadline is September 6, 2017. The CMOL seeks to provide Christian leaders serving immigrant and multi-ethnic churches and ministries with an educational experience resulting in excellence, effectiveness and …

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Christian Immigrant Leaders

Seeking Charitable Status in Canada

Please Pray for Favor on DAI’s Charitable Status Application   DAI’s new Canadian Ministry Center will focus on developing a Christian immigrant leader’s spiritual growth and effectiveness at managing people, money and organizations. With over 20% of the current Canadian population foreign born, and expected to grow to 50% by 2036, there is a real need to walk alongside …

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DAI Mexico requests prayer

Increasing Economic Hardships in Mexico Prompts Prayer Request

DAI Mexico Requests Prayer The recent 20% increase in gasoline prices has fueled the flames of revolt, as deeply discontented Mexicans lash out against a culture of corruption, stagnant politics and a decade of unceasing violence. This combined with the weakened currency, which recently fell another 2.5%, has resulted in looting and riots. Our DAI …

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Teacher Strike in Cameroon

Strike in Cameroon Prompts DAI Cameroon Prayer Request

Prayers Requested Following Lawyer and Teacher Strike in Cameroon   The political atmosphere in Cameroon is currently very volatile. Thousands of teachers and lawyers in English-speaking regions of Cameroon are on strike, because they think the government is trying to marginalize them by imposing the French language on their schools and courts. So many people …

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The Privilege of Investing By Paul Borthwick, DAI Senior Consultant

Three specific events over the past year have made Christie and me excited about DAI’s decision to deeply invest in next generation leaders.   At the DAI-related South Asia Leadership conference in Nepal in September 2015, my wife, Christie, and I had the opportunity to hear from, and encourage the vision of, young leaders from …

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MAOL Graduate Found Program To Be Holistic, Practical, Relevant and Biblical

Aggrey Sowekyo, who recently completed his studies in the DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program in Uganda and works within the Ugandan government,  shared his thoughts on why the program was so tremendously useful to him:   I noticed that a major gap in leadership in my country has been character. The MA …

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DAI Uganda Graduates 14 Influential Leaders

  On October 21st, 14 leaders graduated with DAI’s Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at a ceremony at Uganda Christian University. The graduating students included 2 Archdeacons in the Anglican Church of Uganda, a Bishop in the Pentecostal Church, several pastors, an official in the Uganda Revenue Department, someone very involved in politics and an American working …

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November 2016 DAI Connect Newsletter

The Latest News from DAI Looking to Younger Leaders for Future Growth and Impact Letter from the President  Dear Friends, As DAI is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the average age of it’s staff is declining! How can this be happening? Because more and more young leaders are joining DAi’s staff. At the Egypt conference three …

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Younger Leaders Combating Poverty in the Philippines

DAI’s commitment to partnerships comes with the benefit that we get to be a part of the work of groups like International Care Ministries (ICM). by Caleb Overstreet, DAI Consultant Myanmar   ICM has been serving the ultrapoor, those living on less than 50 cents a day, throughout the Philippines for nearly 25 years, in …

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Nepal: A Great Success Story

I have traveled to Nepal several times a year, for many years, witnessing the painful political journey of a fragile country. by J. Abraham, DAI Leadership Consultant South Asia Last year, after a grueling and tenuous process and nine years of deliberation, the constitution was finally passed. However, basic amenities like electricity and petrol are …

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Youth of Uganda Learning About Servant Leadership

 After ten years of providing leadership training for adults, Nicholas Wafula, DAI Regional Director for East and Southern Africa, feels led to do the same for youth in Uganda. by Finney Ongole, Marketing Coordinator Uganda In partnership with the International Leadership Academy (ILA), DAI hosted their first youth leadership camp in 2014. The team just …

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MAOL Student Works to Bring Change to South Sudan

Fredrick Matakidi shares about the difficulties young leaders face in a nation torn apart by war and poverty, and how the MAOL program has impacted him. by Helen McAllister, DAI Director of Marketing and Communications Fredrick, a third-year DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership student, lives and works in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. …

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James F. Engel

DAI Sadly Announces the Passing of Co-Founder James (Jim) F. Engel

Dr. James F. Engel   COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — DAI sadly announces that Co-Founder Jim Engel passed away peacefully on September 24, 2016.  Jane Overstreet, President/CEO shares, “It is with great sorrow that we announce today the passing of Jim Engel, our long-time friend, colleague and fellow “struggler” in being the Servant Leader God wants each of us to be.  We …

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wells fargo

Goal Setting that Matches Leadership Values

Lacking Values-Based Leadership at Wells Fargo A letter to the editor as it appeared in The Gazette, September 14, 2016   The story is all too familiar by now. In an effort to meet their targets, Wells Fargo employees created over 2 million fake bank and credit card accounts from which they charged various fees. …

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presidential election

Preparing to Vote in This Most Unusual Presidential Election

How to Vote in November By Paul Borthwick, DAI Senior Consultant   After some serious thought and reflection on the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, combined with my desire to integrate my commitment to follow Jesus in every aspect of life, I have some distinct and specific guidance on how to vote in November 2016. I write …

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Leadership Diversity

Leadership Diversity in Colorado Springs Evangelical Organizations

As the article appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette September 4, 2016    By Steve Rabey, Religion Correspondent   America is becoming more racially diverse. By 2050, minorities will be the new majority. And gender diversity is transforming the American workplace, from corporate offices to the U.S. Northern Command and the U.S. Air Force Academy, and …

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Understanding Our Place in the World (Humility)

A Sense of Place By Paul Borthwick   We all wonder where we belong. We spend years of our lives in search of ourselves and our place in the world.  Some pursue their place by overpowering and defeating others in an effort to find their place as #1 in their profession, others lobby for positions …

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Nepal Update

Nepal Update: Ruins to Restoration

Thanks to the generous contribution of DAI donors, five Nepali families just received beautiful new earthquake-resilient homes.   An Update from the Local Team We handed over 5 earthquake resilient houses to the victims in Dhading district. Due to the constant rain, and obstacles from the government requirements, we were delayed in completing these homes. The total …

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praying for south sudan

Praying for South Sudan

“In just a little while, the wicked will be no more; though you look carefully at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.” Psalm 37: 10-11   Why We Are Praying for South Sudan We are heartbroken about about the escalating humanitarian needs, …

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Latest News from DAI

AUGUST 2016 DAI CONNECT Newsletter

THE LATEST NEWS FROM DAI   Please note that we have blurred the faces of those staff members working in sensitive areas.   The 2016 staff meeting was a meaningful time of collaboration on global leadership issues, best practices, curriculum, organizational structure and the future of DAI. It also provided the rare opportunity for many …

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south sudan appeal

South Sudan Appeal

DAI Requesting Donations to Provide Food and Medicine to Those in Desperate Need   Bishop Alapayo, of the Rumbek Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, is leading DAI’s training efforts there. He wrote the following to us this week: “The situation is so bad. Already eight have died from lack of food in Rumbek. Some …

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servant leadership south sudan

Taking Servant Leadership to South Sudan

“In Africa, there are rulers and no leaders.” A desire to help heal his country and bring positive change to impact the future of his conflict-ridden nation. Alapayo Kuctiel is a Bishop of Rumbek Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. He has a strong desire to help heal his country and bring positive change to …

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North America

World Refugee Day

In recognition of World Refugee Day we want to share Mejra’s story:   Mejra works as a hair stylist.  A number of years ago, she and her family fled the civil war in her home country.  After spending more than two years in a refugee camp, they were able to immigrate to the United States. …

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international staff meeting

International Staff Meeting and 20 Year Celebration

International Staff Meeting Starting Tuesday May 31st, the DAI bi-ennial International Staff Gathering began in the Middle East, with more than 145 DAI staff and guests from 35 nations. The goal of the meeting was to learn, collaborate, share resources, plan for the future and praise God for his provision. It was a great time of …

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Impacts Ugandan Government

DAI’s Servant Leadership training is making a difference at the highest levels of government in Uganda. “It’s about skill AND it’s about the heart.” Irene Kisaka, from the office of the First Lady, shares, “It’s not about becoming a prominent person in Uganda, it’s about service to God and to His people. It’s about skill AND it’s about …

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Evangelistic Suffering by Paul Borthwick

Have you ever seen a book on evangelistic suffering?  I know plenty of “why” books on suffering and some theological treatises on “how God could let this happen,” but nothing that I can recall on “how to use your suffering for the sake of the Kingdom.”  Perhaps the book is out there, but it certainly …

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Servant Leadership Workshop

Servant Leadership Workshop Makes an Impact

Others Need This Material A young business man, who attended DAI’s Servant Leadership Workshop for Arab-American business and church leaders, shares, “I am a mature Christian who serves in my church and I run my own business.  The Servant Leadership Course offered by DAI has challenged, and changed, my thinking about leadership.  It has offered a model …

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Wholistic Ministry

Wholistic Ministry Workshops

Equip Your Church or Ministry for Wholistic Ministry   Workshop #1 – What in the World is God Doing? Immigration, Missions and the Local Church A practical, highly interactive, Biblically-based 6 hour workshop Explore: The Real Truth about Migration and Immigration. Worldwide migration – what is the real story? Who are the immigrants coming to the United States? …

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DAI Helping Women to Realize their Leadership Potential

Meet Chaya DAI was in Guwahati, India in  early 2015 to facilitate a Women in Ministry and Leadership course for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership students, through Martin Luther Bible College. During our visit we met Chaya, a Project Coordinator for the Priscilla Center (PC).  When Chaya was in her 20s she was a …

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Serve Poor and Neglected

Equip a Leader to Serve the Poor and Neglected

“If We Don’t Do It, Who Will?” Pastor Cross’ story is truly one of abandoning self, leading through service, and caring for the poor with God’s love. It all started in 2010 when he attended a DAI workshop series in Northeast India. “The lesson on God’s heart for the poor changed my perspective on mission,” …

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Online Learning

DAI Introduces Online Learning

DAI Institute’s Free Online Learning Integrates Faith, Leadership & Management   DAI Institute is the result of DAI’s commitment to continually find new and better ways to enable the growth and learning of Christian leaders around the world.  Many leaders are desperately seeking training to help them be more effective but may not have access to local workshops. Often they are …

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DAI Unveils Newly Refreshed Brand Identity


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Celebrating 20 Years

For the past 20 years DAI has had the pleasure of walking with over 100,000 Christian leaders through their leadership development journey. Because of the investment of time, prayer and financial gifts from committed donors and staff we have seen countless lives and leadership practices transformed, which has positively impacted families, ministries and communities.     BRIEF …

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DAI’s Response – Immigrants Coming to North America

The recent tragedies in Paris, Beirut, Kenya, San Bernadino and other places around the world have raised an enormous amount of discussion on social media, radio talk shows and on television.  Not only are people asking the “why” questions, but people, politicians, church and ministry leaders and nations as a whole are wondering what can …

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leader at Work in Nepal

I Rebuild Families and Their Homes Abhay is a graduate of DAI’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program.  He says the program “helped me to think strategically and be future-oriented, while the Leadership course helped me to find myself as a leader in Christ and follow His example.” As Operations Manager, Abhay has used his …

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MAOL Uganda Student Cares for the Elderly

I Care For The Well Being of the Elderly Deo Kalule cares for the physical and spiritual well being of impoverished elderly, and the children they care for, in his position as Area Manager for Reach One Touch One Ministries in Mukono, Uganda. ROTOM strives to empower older persons and their dependants, through the love of …

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Conflict Management Course Makes an Impact

I Led a Tribe to Turn Guns into Plows Samuel Ngorok is a student in DAI’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Program in Uganda. He serves a warring nomadic tribe called the Karamojong who are uneducated warriors. Using the knowledge and tools he acquired during his Conflict Management course he led the tribe to …

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Jethro’s Advice on Delegating

In the Old Testament, Moses for a time was managing all the conflicts among the tribes and peoples of Israel. He was burnt out. Thankfully his father-in-law witnessed the burn out and gave Moses some Godly advice as recounted in Exodus 18: 17-23. “Moses’ father-in-law said to him, ‘What you are doing is not good. …

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DAI Provides 206 Nepali Families With Corrugated Roofing

Thanks to the generosity of DAI donors around the world, 206 families in eight Nepal villages now have sturdy shelter until they are able to rebuild their homes.  Many thanks to the MAOL students, DAI HimLead graduates and DAI Advisory members who, along with NBCBS in Nepal, also helped to make this happen. Below are photos of …

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MAOL India

MAOL Student Born Hindu and Now Principal and Chaplain of School

Birendra’s Story                                                                                 I was born into a Hindu family. My elder brother was the first in our family to accept Christ as his personal savior through one of his college friends. After accepting Christ, his life was changed which really impressed me. I used to ask him many questions every day about Christ and faith. …

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MAOL Nigeria

MAOL Facilitators Share Their Experience Teaching in Nigeria

By Tamyra Howser, MultiCare  Joe Macias and Bev Parnell arrived to Kaduna, Nigeria on a steamy Sunday afternoon in early May, where their propeller plane landed on a dusty airstrip, about one hour outside Lagos. They got off the plane, inhaled the 95-degree heat, found their luggage, and most importantly, met their escort, who safely drove …

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MAOL Course Inspires Student to Improve Team Dynamics

Dr. Satish Thomas, a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) student in Delhi, India, was in the U.S. for a medical conference and stopped by the DAI Colorado Springs office to share how the MAOL program has impacted him. Dr. Thomas, who already holds two Master’s degrees, found himself in strong leadership roles but did …

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MAOL Student Coordinates Efforts for Nepal Christian Relief Services

MAOL Student Romi K.C. is a Program Coordinator for Nepal Christian Relief Services, whom DAI is supporting with funds. Here is her update: Warm Greetings from Nepal Christian Relief Services! Thank you very much for your continues prayer and partnership. We are very pleased to send you the Progress Report of Earthquake Relief in Nepal …

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Consulting Improves Communication and Effectiveness for NGO in China

W.Y. is a sister working as an assistant to the leader of a Christian NGO. This leader, like many other Christian leaders in China, emphasizes mere trust in the Holy Spirit but, because of the lack of skills, fails to realize the reason of conflicts and low efficiency. Through consulting, DAI China worked with her to figure …

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China Workshops Reaching Migrant Workers

2014 was the first year that DAI China leadership workshops began reaching out to migrant worker Christian leaders. The workshop organizer and instructor shared that the group struggled with their management and leadership skills, but right after the workshop they started their written plan and began brainstorming for their 5 year vision.  They also did the finance/budget planning, which …

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Help Nepal

DAI Press Release – Nepali Community Needs Help

PRESS RELEASE CONTACT: Helen McAllister, Director, Marketing & Communications DAI (Development Associates International) 1-719-685-6483   Non-Profit Hoping to Make a Big Difference for Nepali Community Colorado Springs, CO, June 18, 2015 –   Nepal’s upcoming monsoon rains will create a desperate situation for remote villages already ravaged by the recent earthquakes. In response, non-profit DAI, has …

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Transformed Leader with a Biblical Worldview

I have always been quiet in nature and reluctant to speak to strangers. I don’t have an outgoing personality. But I am one who has a special interest in people. I like to meet people but I would only have a few close friends. I am not a hospitable person. I am more of an …

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Servant Leaders

Building Servant Leaders

Building Servant Leaders “Like Dwight Moody, I agree that there are many advantages to the delegation of responsibility in an organization like ours. I speak from bitter experience of ignorance at a time when I thought I was too great and too capable, more than anyone else. I thought that I alone could do the …

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DAI Training

DAI Training Considered Unique, Simple and Practical

It was a great privilege for me to go through the DAI leadership and refresher course. Initially, I didn’t know if I will be able to make it due to my very busy schedule. It was the singular effort of God’s servant, Rev. Raheem that eventually propelled me to participate. Today, I’m so glad and proud …

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Despite Persecution Nigeria Ministry Grows

The ministry I work with is called Good News Evangelistic Ministries International. It is a church organization whose headquarters is located in Maiduguri Bornostab, Nigeria; the epic center of insurgency in Nigeria led by Boko Haram. I am the president Boarding Trustee of the ministry “The Highest Decision Organization.” Our ministry has so far lost …

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Helping to Overcome Cultural Misconceptions

Sherif grew up in a Christian home and participated in all the church youth activities. The church cultuvated and highlighted his vocal abilities since the age of 7. He shares, “People were impressed by this talent but I never understood the significance of such a talent, or the reason why I had a good voice. …

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Life Changing Experience

“I consider what I am learning in the MA program is a life changing experience. I would like to express my gratitude for Mrs. Jane Overstreet and for all the team who developed the modules of the program especially the Leadership module and its main objective in making human strength productive. I was inspired during the …

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Learning How to Use the Armor of God

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Tim Dooms and I live in Belgium, more precisely in Leuven; an old medieval student province town in the Flemish speaking area. Although I am now 31 years old I am only 3 years newborn, young Christian. I regularly attend an evangelical church. I work for the …

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Equipping Burmese Leaders

DAI Workshops Equipping Burmese Leaders Karl Mueller, DAI Senior Consultant, and Burmese Leaders in Baltimore Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (Burma) is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 80% of Burmese people are Buddhist with only 5% Christian. For the past 50 years, Burma has been in the midst of a political …

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Making an Impact on Believers from Middle East

Over the past 43 years a conference for Arabic speaking pastors and ministry leaders from North America and the Middle East has been held in North Carolina. Both Christian and Muslim background believers originating from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt attend the event. One of DAI’s senior consultants was invited as a keynote …

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Developing Capacity for Leadership

In the green hills not far from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, lies the Kira Farm Youth Development Project. Kira Farm provides practical training and education to at-risk youth via a working farm, guesthouse, carpentry and hair-dressing trade schools, all rolled into one. Overseeing the entire operation is Richard Kibuuka, a 2012 MAOL graduate. DAI …

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MAOL Research Project Transforms Uganda Hospital

“I would like to thank Dr. Fraser & Christine Mutua for taking me through the research project. It was not easy but they mentored me. I am very grateful to DAI for the way it handles the MAOL program. It is not merely an academic enterprise but one of the most dynamic and customized leadership …

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MAOL Student Supports the Growing Church

“Thank you for letting my wife and I complete the Ethics course. We have been using what we’ve learned in our lives and in the groups that we are involved in. A few months ago we went to a remote village, north-west of Pokhara. The young adults from 15 different churches gathered together in a …

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Multiplying Leaders in Colombia

The Christian Union Sports Club (CUSC) in Medellín, Colombia, evolved out of a neighborhood soccer tournament organized as a way to reach out with the Gospel to young me who were being recruited into the life of violence and crime spawned by the Medellín Drug Cartel.

MAOL Student Develops an Effective Ministry Team

Savita, an MAOL student in India, joins the many that have a heart to see the destitution of the slums of Delhi, India lessened. She manages an urban slum development project called Shalom, which provides clinical services to HIV/AIDS patients and equips the local church to advocate for and minister to those forced to live …

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Nepal Emerging Leaders Visit Remote Village

Below is an update from Sharmila, our DAI Nepal Coordinator. It is because of the generosity of prayers and financial gifts that this group of Emerging Leaders is able to minister to this remote village. Thank you! Please continue to pray. If you are able, please consider another gift as the need is great. May-24, …

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Servant Leadership in Action

In Dhaka, Bangladesh DAI has offered Emerging Leader Forums for young leaders since 2010. Leaders, from various organizations and churches, come together three times a year for a three day forum. They then meet as small groups throughout the year for in-depth discussion and team activities. Each group is challenged with the task of finding community …

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management leadership courses

Young Leaders Taking Christ to the Loba People

The Loba People group is a small group of approximately 2600 people, who live in the Mustang province of Nepal. The Mustang province is in far north western Nepal on the Tibet border – a three day bus ride from Kathmandu.  The Loba people are isolated and strongly Tibetan Buddhist. There is no record of Christians …

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Signs of Hope

Yajak shares, “It’s not only houses that are broken. It’s their hearts and hope as well…I heard a child saying to his father, ‘Dad, are we dying?’” As hard as it is, Nepali believers are bringing hope and healing to such dark emotional places.


Update from DAI Nepal Ministry Center Director

Greetings from Nepal, We want to thank you so much for every effort you have made to share the news of the devastating earthquake on 25th April in Nepal that opened the hearts of people to pray for us and donate the funds to provide some relief to the victims.  Just over two weeks after …

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thank you from nepal

Your support is making a difference in Nepal

As you have likely heard, Nepal suffered another strong earthquake early this morning. Reports indicate that many were killed and thousands were injured. The people of Nepal are in great need – both physically and spiritually. If you haven’t had a chance to donate, the need is still great. Please consider a $10 donation today to help purchase additional blankets and mosquito nets.

Christian Leaders in America

Latin America Leaders Look to the Future

Latin American Church Leaders Wrestle with Current Issues as They Look to the Future (May 8, 2015 – by Ralph Kurtenbach) For Marithza Andagoya, several years of living in North America had blunted some of the piercing tragedies of her own Ecuadorian culture. However, jarring reminders of social ills such as domestic violence in Latin …

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Reflections from DAI Nepal Staff Member

“With the heart to serve a few that have lost their smiles ever since nature brought that gigantic tragedy not long ago, our Emerging Leaders team headed towards a nearby area, called Bungmati, Khokana. The sight of the village was just a glimpse of what had happened to Nepal. To see those faces looking towards each one of …

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DAI Friend Provides Great Insight in His Update

Dear Friends, After my initial study and observation, this is my second updates regarding your possible next response for this crisis. This earthquake has claimed more than 9000 lives and 16,000 have injured and about 200,000 houses are fully destroyed and another 200,000 houses damaged and need to be rebuilt. This figure will increase as …

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Nepal Report from MAOL Students

DAI Nepal MAOL Students Share Experience and Request Prayers “The Lord is my Shepherd”. Psalms 23:1, Psalms 121:1-8 It’s my pleasure to inform you that we all are safe even though the days were so horrible and scary. I thought we wouldn’t have this opportunity to email, chat, pray and do the ministry together any …

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Servant Leadership Workshop Makes an Impact

Why Leaders Need Teaching Skills

We believe that one of the key principles of leadership is empowering others; that we develop those that we lead. And this is why DAI teaches leaders around the world to in turn be great teachers.

Leading From Below

Servanthood is a motivation that drives behavior. A servant is not concerned about role, status or power. They are concerned about serving. They are concerned about laying down their lives for those they serve (John 10:10). Are you and I servants? Are we leading from below?

The Dilemma of the Scandalous Promise

What is the most outrageous/challenging/scandalous promise that Jesus made to His disciples and invited them to engage in? “Whatever you ask…” Dr. Sam Thomas explores the scandal and promise of prayer.

Leading from Below, Not from Above

Nicholas was following the example of Jesus who told us in Matthew 20: 25-28 to not follow the example of the leaders of the day – who expected to be served and who took joy in telling others what to do. Instead, Jesus told us that the way to power is through service. They way to Kingdom greatness is from below, not from above.

Abiding in Christ

God desires fruitfulness and has made provision for it. John 15:1-8 The father’s desire is that we should bear first fruits that remain. And the good news is that, this is not solely dependent on us. As John 15:16 assures us, “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that …

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Social Justice

Pastor Realizes His Role in Accomplishing Social Justice

Pradhan faithfully serves as Pastor for Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Eastern Nepal. Only partway through our workshop series on servant leadership, Pastor Pradhan made drastic lifestyle changes. He shared, “I have learned so many things in the DAI workshops. The most important learning for me is to be a leader after God’s own heart.” “Now …

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Repairing Forgiveness

What a beautiful picture of forgiveness from the Dinka tribe. It reminds me of our great Mediator, Jesus Christ, who restored our relationships with himself and our relationships with each other removing all our guilt and shame so that in reconciliation our relationships would be stronger than before. And it also reminds me of the communion feast, breaking bread in celebration of our forgiveness and reconciliation.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Servant Leadership Impacts Ugandan Government

MAOL 10 Year Impact Study: What We Found

The results of the MAOL 10 Year Impact Study are in. The study allowed DAI the wonderful opportunity to talk at length with alumni, current students, partner university staff and DAI staff across Africa and Asia. They discussed all aspects of the program including faculty, residencies, curricular content and program structure. The responses were overwhelmingly positive in every respect.

Influence and Power

Influence is the application of power. There are many ways to influence. Some are godly – some are not. Think about your leadership. How do you apply power? How do you try to influence others? Does your use of influence and power reflect Jesus and Kingdom values?

Danger Power At Work

Power is as dangerous as unstable dynamite – not only to those it is used on, but also to those who exercise it. Lord Acton, the British statesman is remembered for saying “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” History – including Christian history – is littered with the evidence that proves the accuracy of this statement.

What if You Follow a Star and Find a Stable?

Maxwell thoughtfully asks: “What happens when you’ve been following a star, and it leads you to a stable? What happens when all of a sudden, after thinking that something grand and glorious would be at the other end, you end up in the backyard of a barn? And there, instead of a palace and a king on a throne, you find a little baby held by his mother. It’s nothing like you anticipated. How do you react when you follow the star and find a stable?”


Investing in One, Impacts Many

I grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a community where most families live below the poverty line. In many cases, parents have to choose who goes to school. Political instability combined with civil wars and a high level of poverty make it difficult for parents to pay for a proper degree. In …

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Reconciling After War

Culture, Ethnicity & Diversity Course a Timely Topic in Sri Lanka The Sri Lanka 2011 cohort just finished their very last classes in the DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, one of which was Culture, Ethnicity & Diversity, written and taught by Paul Borthwick, DAI Senior Consultant. What an honest and timely topic for …

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South Sudan

Equipping South Sudan Leaders

“I’m willing to do anything to ensure my children don’t have to go through what I’ve been through for the last 20 years. Enough is enough! This has to stop.” Those words came from a Christian member of the state parliament in Torit, South Sudan a few years ago, during a DAI workshop. Now, they …

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Who Will Support Those, Who Will Go?

Financing issue in missions: Biblical principles and our responsibility. So, a Christian recognizes his calling and decides to become a missionary, to commit his life serving the Lord by bringing the Word of God to the peoples. What is waiting for this person? Many would say: “An interesting and rich life”, and they are right, …

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Agents of Change in Brazil

David Johnson, DAI Regional Director for Latin America, recently visited Brazil to facilitate several DAI workshops. After the first workshop in São Paulo, November of 2012, Dave’s most recent trip to Porto Alegre commenced the second part of June this year. So many exciting improvements and challenges are being addressed after the completion of the course. …

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The Best Leader is a Servant

For John Wood, “a good leader is someone who encourages and motivates people to get something good or something necessary done. A great leader, the best leaders, are those who accomplish that — who encourage, who motivate, who really get people excited about being a part of something that they’re doing — not by ruling …

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First Lady of Uganda Shares on Leadership

Dorothy Kisaka, DAI Uganda Board Member, invited outstanding and celebrated Christian marketplace and government leaders to share their knowledge and wisdom gained from experiences in top leadership with emerging leaders at The Destiny Leadership EXPO. Some of those sharing the stage included The First Lady of Uganda Hon Janet Museveni, DAI Ministry Center Director Rev. …

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Integrity with a Price: Parse’s Story

Parse Rigo Beya is a rare individual. Although not tall in stature, his character, courage, and moral strength is towering. As a committed Christian lawyer, Parse has charted a remarkable path of professional and personal integrity through some very trying circumstances. When I think of influential Christian leaders who are challenging the status quo of …

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Integrity – The Missing Ingredient of Leadership

For the past five years I have been greatly privileged to serve God through DAI in Asia. As I have worked alongside Christian leaders in this region I have learned first-hand the great strain and burden they carry in seeking to model as well as declare the Lord Jesus Christ in all spheres of life. …

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Coming Up for Air

For a variety of reasons, Christie and I have never completed our diver certification and become bona fide divers – with tanks, weight belts, depth calculators, etc. Instead, we snorkel – fins, masks, snorkels, and UV protected sun shirts. Divers will say it’s not real diving, but it’s the best we can do. For three …

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Bringing Healing to Former Child Soldiers

Cavine, a DAI Servant Leader, lives and works in her home district of Northern Uganda, which was destroyed by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) creating large numbers of traumatized internally displaced people. Many are children orphaned by the war. Some of them were kidnapped by the LRA who forced them to kill, rape and pillage …

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Transforming Togo

Simon Pierre Gatera pioneered the ministry of Development Associates International (DAI) in Togo. He trains Christians to lead with a servant’s heart, like Jesus. After completing a DAI workshop, Jean-Mark, a leader of a Christian ministry said, “I cannot find the words to thank Mr. Gatera from whom I acquired all this knowledge. To thank him …

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From DAI Student to Pastor of a Conflict-Ridden Church

“I can go on and on about the impact of DAI and its ready application to my life and ministry without stopping because the course content, which is highly flexible in delivery, is amazingly and relevantly appropriate for day to day life and ministry applications in the setting and ministry context in Nigeria.” ~ Nash …

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Misión a Bordo (Mission Aboard)

A reflection by David Johnson, DAI Senior Consultant, Latin America One week ago, I was disembarking from a weeklong trip aboard a riverboat named ‘Evangelista’ (Evangelist) with some fifty fellow travelers. We found ourselves climbing back up the steep embankment of the Amazon tributary, the Ucayali River, into relative civilization in the city of Pucallpa, …

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